Custom Playlists

They’re playing your tune!

Music is an essential part of any celebration. Music provides the soundtrack, sets the mood and stays with you long after the party’s over.

Unique, highly personalized, your custom playlist is your own program of music designed for you to last a lifetime.

We'll talk to you about the type of occasion, the intended audience and playing time. You will have direction over the type of music and playing time. Then we'll compile a playlist in a format suited exactly to your needs. Contact us now to learn more about the custom playlist process and find out about pricing.

"When my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary I contacted Amanda Wilde about creating a customized playlist and audio CD to reflect the year they were married, 1955. Amanda took the time to meet with me and listen to my stories about my parents, about their years of courtship and about specific songs, musical styles and artists of the time that they particularly liked. Amanda found my specifically requested tunes and researched other music that my parents would have heard at the time. After tracking down the artists and recordings that we wanted, Amanda created a wonderful mix of songs that we played at the reception. The music added a great air of festivity to the event, providing a lovely reminder of my parents years together. The songs flowed beautifully from one to another and were nicely varied in terms of style, pacing and vocal-instrumental textures. My parents were thrilled by the gift of music that Amanda provided. The guests all were pleased as well and it was a much talked-about part of a great day of celebration. I highly recommend Amanda’s personalized, carefully researched and beautifully produced music compilations for any occasion. It’s an affordable, cost-effective alternative to a DJ or live band. The personal touch and customer service that Amanda extends in creating these wonderful musical mementos are very much appreciated." – Dave, Seattle
"Thanks again for the terrific cd's for my mother. I honestly wondered if anyone would notice, but when I went to a smaller gathering of birthday guests the next evening, they were all talking about the great music." – Lyn, Seattle
"Amanda, Thank you so much for your help and guidance in giving us perfect wedding music. The CD’s were great. We cooked up a storm during “Cooking” and the timing was just right. We all ate and relaxed during “Yummy.” We loved the music, and found time to dance to our favorite songs. We love that we have our own wedding soundtrack. Thank you so much! You are awesome!" – Marc & Andy, Seattle

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