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Commercial Projects

In Search of the Perfect Cup - Starbucks Podcast, Amanda Wilde narrator and producer.

Lost Sounds

Lost Sounds is a documentary featuring audio from the earliest commercial recordings as well as interviews with the author of Lost Sounds: Blacks and the Birth of Recording Industry.

Sounds Familiar

Sounds Familiar is Amanda’s monthly segment on KUOW Presents. Sounds Familiar explores songs that are iconic in American popular culture, many of which we know by melody but not by title. Amanda unveils the historical and cultural context of each selection, and explores why these songs are so enduring.


Tonight You Belong To Me


See all Sounds Familiar segments on KUOW Presents.

Public Radio Features

Frankie Manning: Lindy Hop Pioneer
Award-winning interview with a pioneer of modern dance

Baby It's Cold Outside
The backstory to the famous song as heard on National Public Radio

Music Sparks Memories
Reflections of life on the homefront during WWII as told through musical memories. Funded by a grant from the Program Venture Fund.

Radio Series

Swing Ladies Swing

One-of-a-kind series features 21st century interviews with the top female vocalists of the 1930s-1950s. Several of these represent the last interviews granted by these amazing artists.

"...this kind of guest finding and presentation is truly a service to the public." - Stephen L. Gilbreath, Birmingham, AL, May 12th, 2006

Sound Reflections

An interview series exploring the musical soul of the Northwest.
Track Title (Length) Listen
1 RA Scion (12:30) Listen
2 Carrie Akre (12:29) Listen
3 Overton Berry (12:29) Listen

Partnership for American Popular Music

Artist-narrated pieces produced by Amanda Wilde

Samba in the Schools

Eddie Palmieri

Asian American Orchestra

Radio Demo

Track Title (Length) Listen
1 Demo One (1:14) Listen

Artist Testimonials and Some of Amanda's Relationships with Music Artists

Track Title (Length) Listen
1 Artist Collage I (1:27) Listen
2 Artist Collage II (1:17) Listen
3 Artist Collage III (1:38) Listen
4 Artist Collage IV (:57) Listen
5 Artist Collage V (:59) Listen

Composite Interview

Amanda Wilde is nationally known for uniquely thought-provoking, engaging interviews with artists. This composite is a small sampling of music artist interviews including hip-hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash, alt-rocker Kristen Hersh, electronic artist Mocean Worker (aka Adam Dorn), roots rocker Patterson Hood of Drive By Truckers, and alt-country singer-songwriter Gillian Welch.
Track Title (Length) Listen
1 Interview Collage (6:16) Listen


Interview segments focussed on individual artists:
Track Title (Length) Listen
1 Hip-hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash (9:17) Listen
2 Alt-rocker Kristen Hersh, founding member of Throwing Muses (4:09) Listen
3 Seattle keyboard legend Overton Berry (2:19) Listen
4 Alt-country singer-songwriter Gillian Welch (2:53) Listen




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