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A medley of mail from listeners around the globe.


Dear Amanda,

This is what radio should be all about. It’s nice to hear real music, by real artists, presented in a non-hype and gimmick fashion. Keep up the great work!


I never knew I could appreciate the work of a DJ until I heard your show. Thank you!



Last year when I donated, I dedicated it to’re always on when I’m headed to work and your interviewing/conversational skills are exceptional. I was also glad to hear you on another station a while back. Yet another example of your well-rounded and various interests in music. You are appreciated by many, just had to give you some feedback so you know this.


I’ve been listening to your program for many years on KCMU, now KEXP. I always felt that you were the best DJ on that station, or in Seattle for that matter.


just wanted to drop you all a line to say thanx for the best playlists that any one person could imagine


are you hardwired into my soul?


Sheesh... best transitions in radio history, EVER!!


It’s an awesome afternoon and FINALLY, you are on and I couldn’t wait to turn on my computer. Keep up the great work Amanda!


Hi Amanda !

I am allways atonished about your music selection !


thanks for the peace of mind during these scary times.


What gorgeous elixir you are! Kick it Amanda!


Hi I’ve been listening to your show via the Internet for some time now,(and have pledged to KUOW out of sheer gratitude), but have never written to express my appreciation for the best show in radio. many thanks anyway for carrying on a wonderful show.


I’m just dropping you a line to say how much I’ve enjoyed listening to the show the past few weeks. It’s amazing to me that you can program this show and your afternoon show at KEXP – what a diverse musical and historical mind you must have! Thanks to you, I’ll be donating money to KUOW this year; I got bored with the bland NPR news thing (I prefer to get most of my news from the internet these days), but now I have a new reason to be interested in the station.



Hi Amanda,

It is my earnest belief that you have a deep, loving empathy for musical artists that implicity/explicitly comes through during the interview, thereby disarming, warming, and opening up your guests like an oyster on the barbie.

Let me make this clear, however, your talent is one in a million and I trust it is cherished and appreciated by many--and that you will be continue to be rewarded amply for it in every possible way.

Listening with Intent,


Thank the heavens and stars for your endlessly eclectic taste. I just became a KEXP member and it was because of your show. Gracias, Miss Wilde. Gracias.


Amanda...YOUR SHOW IS AWESOME...thank you so much for your good taste in music

Hello Amanda,

I have to say you are one of the best interviewers I have ever heard. You stole my praises when Grandmaster Flash made his respects for you.

-- Big Dirty Seann

Amanda ---

You’re the coolest DJ on the air!! I love that you now host the Swing Years on KUOW too.




The music you play on KEXP in the afternoons ALWAYS kicks ass. Imagine my surprise when, while floating on our boat in Lake Washington the other night, my husband and I were trying to find some eclectic "older" music to dance to on our deck, and tuned into you playing Swing Music and Beyond on KUOW. It was just a wonderful, wonderful show, but altogether different than your KEXP show. I shouldn’t have been surprised, you obviously know your music, past and present. I hope you are on the air in Seattle for years to come.

Thank you.

Hi Amanda,

I’ve been listening for years ... you’re the best!

- Mark

I’m a long time listener of both KUOW and KEXP. I miss your presence on the latter but it is always a pleasure to hear your voice on the former. You have the ability to sound like an old friend who’s happy to see guests and your knowledge about many genres of music comes through. A true broadcast professional. Thanks for being out there.


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